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Major Contributer - The Corning Foundation

Major Contributer - The Corning Foundation

Throughout its history, Corning Incorporated Foundation has been driven by making a positive impact on communities where its people work and live.

The best possible impact: Supporting and enhancing vibrant, engaging Corning communities.

A vibrant community has engaged citizens; thriving businesses; robust education opportunities; and ample cultural outlets. Citizens of a vibrant community have a sense of belonging and empathy for others. Visitors can feel the pride and optimism when they are in the community.

A deep and thoughtful study that concluded in 2017 helped the Foundation take a fresh look at its communities, their assets and challenges, and ways that non-profit programs could foster the aspects that make them vibrant in today’s world.

A comprehensive process led to the creation of a strategic framework that now guides the Foundation’s grant programs and ensures clarity of its mission: A focus on education, human services, culture, and volunteerism.

Note from Editor: The Corning Foundation sponsors SGS by providing not only grant oppourtunities but monies through the Dollars for Doers program. Many members of SGS and NNF are Corning Inc. employees and this program provides a grant for every hour a corning employee donates time to a registered non-profit such as SGS. This is a major source of funding for SGS and allows for us to put on the Native Nations Festival as well as provide the free educational oppurtunites that we do. Thank you Corning Foundation!

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Material Sponsor - Estate of Mind

Material Sponsor - Estate of Mind

Estate, Downsizing and Moving sales

Note from Editor - June at Estate of Mind has donated several Native American items to SGS such a her father's bear skin. Many people see, touch, and handle donated items. We like to say that we provide our guest the oppourtunigy to handle and really look at museum quality items and artifacts. We appreciate the relationship that SGS has with June and Estate of Mind!

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Sponsor In-Kind - David Ackerman

Sponsor In-Kind - David Ackerman

"I am a native of Wellsburg, NY, and live in Elmira Heights with my wife, and have three awesome kids and a few grand kids. Artwork in all forms is a common thread throughout my life. Jewelry and sculpture is my recent focus. My sculpture reflects my love of history and the outdoors. My jewelry lets me be an important part of many peoples' lives in a positive manner. Gustin's has given me a love of metal arts and I hope my work will live long after I'm gone. I'll have a lot of people to thank at the end of it all.

Note from Editor: Dave has donated sevaral items as well as repairs any jewerly that gets damaged from handling. We thank him for this invaluable service!

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